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With ArtExplored, embark on a journey that connects you to art and its market.

Based in Paris, our art media platform is part of the ARTEX Group (, an organisation that aims to build a more inclusive and thriving art community by disrupting art investment, informing, and educating. We believe that art shouldn’t only benefit a small subset of people and that engaging with art is a valuable investment for everyone.
Guided by this, ArtExplored is curating a meaningful and ongoing journey for the art curious.

Our regularly released content includes insights into the most celebrated artists and cultural institutions, decoded principles of art, and breakdowns of the art market. From debunking myths about Vincent van Gogh to discovering the musical influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat, we invite you to approach iconic art in unexpected ways through articles, audiocasts, exclusive market reports, and educational videos.
Our vision that art should benefit everyone is shared by our team of international art journalists, experts, and educators.
Together, we aim to inform and educate the novice, the connoisseur, and everyone in between.
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